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Create special keepsakes with clay impressions – cherish little hands and feet or the key to your first home together. You can also hand-build fun creatures or create a pinch pot – the options are endless!

  • $17/lb bisque fire only- results in a white bisque finish
  • $22/lb bisque & glaze fire- includes clay and paint 
    • 2 painting sessions required to paint handmade white bisque

RESERVATION REQUIRED in order to have the materials ready for you to create a masterpiece!

Pick up in approximately 2 weeks from the day you visit the studio.

Preserve your child’s hand/foot prints in clay! 

How it works: Simply make an appointment. Bring your child and we’ll take their foot or hand impressions which takes only a few minutes.
After the clay dries for a few weeks, we fire them in our kilns, then we can custom paint or you can come and paint the way you like.

$25/lb includes handprint and paint

  • Sibling Impressions of Brothers and Sisters
  • Generational Impressions of Grandparents, Parents & Children
  • Pet Prints