MOVING UPDATE: If you are planning on coming 9/19-9/23 to paint we are open! Saturday is our LAST day at Cromwell Ave. Anyone who comes in and paints with us will pick up at our NEW Silas Deane location in two weeks instead of the usual one week turn-around. Thank you all for your support and understanding!

Updated 9/19/17

MOMS is CLOSED from 9/24 - 9/30

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Preserve your child’s hand/foot prints in clay! 

How it works: Simply make an appointment. Bring your child and we’ll take their foot or hand impressions which takes only a few minutes.
After the clay dries for a few weeks, we fire them in our kilns, then we can custom paint or you can come and paint the way you like.

$25/lb includes handprint and paint

  • Sibling Impressions of Brothers and Sisters
  • Generational Impressions of Grandparents, Parents & Children
  • Pet Prints

Create special keepsakes with clay impressions – cherish little hands and feet or the key to your first home together. You can also hand-build fun creatures or create a pinch pot – the options are endless!

  • $17/lb bisque fire only- results in a white bisque finish
  • $22/lb bisque & glaze fire- includes clay and paint

Pick up in approximately 2 weeks from the day you visit the studio.